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Laser Hair Removal is Affordable

If you have never attempted it before, you may think that laser hair removal is too pricey for you. At the Lionsgate Laser Clinic, we offer packages for which you DO NOT have to pay lump sums up front. You simply pay as you go at the time of treatment, which is scheduled every 6-8 weeks depending on the area of the body being treated. What we offer is like a built-in payment plan with no interest!

Sally has been providing laser hair removal services since 2000 in Ottawa and you can now see her at The Lionsgate Laser Clinic 140 E 14th St, North Vancouver. If you live in Ottawa, you can visit Alison Rogers at the Ottawa Laser Clinic at 80 Centrepoint Drive or call at 613 226 6200.

In North Vancouver call Sally today to book your free consultation at 778 835 5556.