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What is an Ingrown Hair and How Laser Hair Removal Can Help

Definition: Ingrown hairs and razor bumps refer to the same condition. Both fall under the medical term “Pseudofolliculitis” (or PFB).

An ingrown hair is a hair that does not grow straight out of the follicle opening. Instead, it curls into the side wall of the hair follicle or into the skin surface. This penetration into and through the wall of the hair follicle produces an inflammation, which can result in the development of a pimple (such as a papule or a pustule) or a cyst (nodule). These lesions are usually tender and can produce permanent scarring and/or color changes of the skin such as darkening [hyperpigmentation] and/or lightening [hypopigmentation]).

Laser Hair Removal is your only permanent solution to this problem. Many men suffer from these on the face and neck and also many ladies on the bikini and or legs. Sally has seen simply amazing results showing up after your very first treatment. With her experience Sally can guide and treat you so that this issue becomes history!
Consider the money you spend on waxing or electrolysis, the time you spend shaving, threading or tweezing. Avoid recurrent infections from ingrown hairs and scars and call today to book your complimentary consultation with Sally at 778 835 5556