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September back to school – back to you!

We know back to school can be daunting…but hopefully the transition went well and your kids are on their way to a great year ahead! 

So what does this mean for you? Between working, dinner and homework you have likely been at the back burner of your “to do” list. How about giving yourself the gift of time? AKA never needing to take the time to shave again! Sounds dreamy right? 

Well lucky for you this dream could be your reality. No more long showers (spent shaving) you could spend that time actually relaxing in the shower! What a concept. 

It really is true freedom to go away on holiday and not bring a razor! 

September is the perfect time to start – you’ll be hair free by the spring and ready to splash into summer like the smooth sleek goddess you are! 

Book your free consultation today and start your hair free journey at LLC. We can’t wait!

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