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Winter Skin-Top 3 Things to Help Heal and Repair.

Winter Skin-Top 3 Things to Help Heal and Repair.

What is winter skin?  As the seasons change so does our body chemistry.  This can appear in many ways, but most noticeably, it can show up as changes in our skin.  The feel, the look and overall texture can change.

We certainly live in a climate that can prove to be taxing on our skin.  Skiing and Snowboarding, up in the elements with the sun scorching, temperatures in the minus and the wind blowing a million miles per hour.  We make the sacrifice because we love our sports so much.  But our skin does not have to pay the price!

Prevent:  Sunscreen is major.  Even and almost especially on cloudy days.  I strongly recommend finding a physical sunscreen and not a chemical sunscreen.  Read your ingredients.  The “active” ingredients should be and only be, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.  These are physical sunscreens, as they lay on the surface of the skin, acting as little mirrors that reflect the suns rays away from the skin.  Providing you with a barrier.  These sunscreens do not absorb into the skin and do not end up in our organs.

A chemical sunscreen will be easy to spot.  Many, many ingredients, most of which are toxins, are in these sunscreens. They are usually purchased at the drugstore, gas station or grocery store.  Chemical sunscreens do absorb into the skin and other organs.  Causing a myriad of problems.  Avoid these if you can.

Please refer to one of our previous articles: Let’s Talk Sun Protection

Soothe: Perhaps we are already feeling the damage.  Lets soothe the issue starting with a serum and followed by a moisturizer.

Our coveted medical grade skin care line, Alumier MD, carries a wide variety of specially formulated Cleansers, Target Serums and Moisturizers for each concern.  Today we will stick to calming and soothing.

After cleansing I would recommend The Ultimate Boost Serum. This calming and soothing serum has a mild cooling effect that not only feels amazing but also reduces redness.

It is a lightweight, hydrating serum that combines moisturizing and ant-aging ingredients to reduce damage and visible signs of aging for ALL SKIN TYPES.

Contains zero fragrance, dyes, parabens or sulfates.

Moisture:  My two recommendations, depending on your skin type would be either the HydraDew or the HydraRich.

HydraDew, an intensely hydrating cream loaded with powerful peptides, antioxidants and soothing ingredients.  These powerhouse peptides strengthen the skin and improve elasticity.  Leaving the skin feeling soft, smooth, firm and hydrated!  Sounds amazing doesn’t it!!

HydraRich, a smooth rich cream packed with emollients and hydrators for the ultimate moisturizer experience.  This is a step up from the HydraDew.  A little heavier.  Still with its pluming and anti-aging properties, HydraRich will leave you feeling intensely hydrated.

Both can be used day and night to protect and sooth our winter skin.

Repair:  Chapped lips.  For me, the single worst part of winter.  In years past I would run to the pharmacy and grab whatever “chapstick” I could get my hands on.   Then almost immediately becoming addicted to it.  Not only were my lips feeling worse, but I couldn’t even stop using the stiff!  So frustrating.

My savior?  Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink with SPF 15.

  • Mouthwatering moisture in a lip-saving balm.
  • Broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen.
  • A variety of waxes and oils combine to provide an antioxidant-rich protective shield.
  • Refreshing lemon flavor.
  • Reef safe.
  • Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad spectrum sunscreen.

Lip Drink currently comes in six lovely colors.  With the seventh being sheer.  Something for everyone!

So what are the best things we can be doing for winter skin right now?  Our top three tips will get you on your way to protect, soothe and repair your skin and lips.  Putting your best face forward this holiday season.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your skin, please stop by our Whistler or Squamish clinic to have a free skin assessment and take a few samples home to try! 

We all deserve beautiful skin, even in the winter!