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EyEnvy- The Incredible Alternative to Eyelash Extensions!

EyEnvy- The Incredible Alternative to Eyelash Extensions!

Eyelash extensions have been taking over the lash industry! Such an incredible feeling to wake up with full beautiful lashes. Ditch the mascara and float like a butterfly.

But, for any of us that have had lash extensions, we know all to well the annoyance of them flipping, gaping or the cost of an appointment every two-three weeks for up keep.

We have found the solution and proudly sell EyEnvy at Lionsgate Laser Clinic!

What is EyEnvy?

EyEnvy is a lash conditioner serum that promises longer, fuller lashes within three months thanks to a combination of nourishing vitamins and peptides that targets the lash hair follicles.

The active ingredient is bimatoprost, a prostaglandin used in prescription eye drops for glaucoma. As a side effect, people being treated for glaucoma were noticing their incredibly long and lush lashes.

This is an amazing product that works for both men and women to promote the growth of their lashes. Whether you are looking for a dramatic change or a subtle one, you can gauge your results to meet your personal preference.

To purchase or inquire about EyEnvy, please stop by either our Whistler or Squamish location for more information.

Let’s get those beautiful lashes we have always dreamed of!