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Henna Brow

What is Henna?

Henna comes from a bush grown in Africa, the Middle East and India. It is ground into a fine powder and used to decorate the skin. Developing for hours on the skin and eventually leaving a red stain.

When it comes to brows we have to tweak it a little! We use the highest grade professional Henna which is 88% natural. They have to mix the product in order to achieve more of a natural colour specifically for eyebrows in varying shades of brown and blonde. It develops on the skin for 10-20 min and once removed, tints the skin for up to 2 weeks and the hair for up to 5-6 weeks!

Who is this for?

  • clients who fill in their eyebrows every day
  • clients who have sparse eyebrows
  • clients whom are not quite ready for microblading yet
  • clients who have white or grey hairs
  • anybody wanting a bolder more defined shape to their eyebrow


Henna Brow $50

Brow Shape and Henna $65

Who is not a good candidate for Henna?

  • Clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Clients whose skin is very oily and the pigment fades quickly
  • Clients who already have very thick and dark eyebrows
  • The skin is irritated or wounded
  • They are allergic or sensitive to hair dye
  • Clients who have had allergic reactions to henna tattoos.